Hellenic Cup News

Hellenic Cup NEWS

>> Hellenic Cup Finals Rescheduled!!!!
The Hellenic Cup Finals have been rescheduled to be played on Saturday the 10th of February. Please tell all your family and friends....

>> 6 days of competition and there is no let up on goals!!!
After six days of competition the Hellenic Cup has produced an 8-0 scoreline. If you want to see spectacular goals come down and watch some games. A team to look out for is Kingston City, their two games so far producing a 6-0 and an 8-0 scoreline!!!!! Check out the fixtures page and come and see for yourself....

>> See the full program for the 2007 Hellenic Cup
2007 Hellenic Cup Program Guide

>> Three Senior teams withdraw from the Hellenic Cup.
Mill Park, Leros United, Hellenic Moorabin and the womens club Altona East Phoenix withdrew from the 2007 Hellenic Cup competition. Check the fixtures section of our web site for any changes to games.

>> The 2007 Hellenic Cup competition is underway!!!!
- and it looks like it's going to be a goal fest........
The Hellenic cup got underway on Saturday the 13th of January with huge success. On the two days of competition so far we have seen allmost 60 goals. There have been two games with a 6 - 0 scoreline and one with a 7 - 0 scoreline. We are sure to see more lopsided affairs with huge amounts of goals being scored. Check out the fixtures and results pages, and come and see for yourself....

>> The 2007 Hellenic Cup competition draw
On Wednesday 22nd of November the Hellenic Cup Commitee had it's 2007 Competition AGM. On the night the draw for the 2007 competition was finalised. Click the following PDF's for further details...
2007 Hellenic Cup competition North West Draw
2007 Hellenic Cup competition South East Draw

>> 2007 Hellenic Cup Committe AGM & Competition Draw
The Hellenic cup committee would like to extend their invitation to all participating teams and football enthusiast to attend. This Wednesday 22nd November 2006 at 7:00pm. At the premises of Northcote City “Iraklis” F.C. John Cain Memorial Park Darebin Rd. Northcote MEL: ref. 31 A1 Where the draw of the 2007 Hellenic Cup will take place, plus the Annual General Meeting and the 2006 financial statements will be presented.

The Hellenic Cup Committee has decided that the 22nd Hellenic cup is to be hosted by Northcote City N/W which is based at John Cain Memorial Park Darebin Rd. Northcote MEL: ref. 31 A6 and at South Springvale S/E Warner Reserve Virginia street South Springvale MEL: ref. 80 B 8 We take this opportunity to thank East Altona and Bentleigh Greens for there applications to host the Hellenic Cup 2007. It”s South Springvale 1st time hosting the Cup and Northcote City 2nd time they last held it in 1984. The commencement date is the 13th January 2007 but please note, that there is a possibility of the program being extended, due to the record number of teams participating. Total number of participating teams is fortyfour.

>> 2006 Greek Teams Performance click for PDF
The Hellenic Cup Committee would like to welcome back its patriots after a small recess and with a new web-site. The 2006 football season has come to a close with many Greek clubs experiencing a sea-saw season. Let’s unfold the season that was, starting with the hard fought Hellenic Cup final between South Melbourne and Oakleigh Cannons which Oakleigh won in extra time 1-0. click to read more...

>> 2006 Hellenic Cup Committe AGM
click for PDF
The AGM of the Hellenic Cup Inc was held on 7 September 2005 at Vasilis and Yiannis Tavern in Johnston Street Abbotsford. The Hellenic Cup committee presented the changes to the Hellenic Cup Inc, which are as follows. click to read more...

>> 2006 Hellenic Cup Rules & By Laws click for PDF

>> 2006 Hellenic Cup Winnerss click for more